Survival Shelter Class at Bader Memorial park

This weekend I had the privilige of teaching a survival class at Bader Memorial Park, It was a class geared towards families and children especially. I taught them the fundamentals of survival shelter making and the kids built a really great Debris Hut shelter.

Here is a video about the class and showing off the cool shelter they made.

Fire with Flint & Steel (Video)

In this video I start a fire using Flint & Steel, The flint I use is actually Chert from Canada but there are many types of rocks that will "throw" a spark, to make a spark from the rock I use the back of my knife which is made from high carbon steel. I always use a carbon steel knife when im outdoors for this very reason, if I need to start a fire, I have the ability to do so from my knife.

What you need to make a fire using this old method: